Case study of Project Affected Person, Resettlement from women’s experience: Sulbha Zende

Vanita, 38 years, she is housewife and her husband works in private company. Earlier she used to work as domestic worker but now due to regular health sickness she stop working.

Before shifting to Lallubhai Compound, she used to stay near Kurla and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus road , Nehru Nagar. She occupied present house in 2005, after shifting to the present house their slum got demolished. Since the resettlement site was already built, she did to required to stay in the transit camp.

The reason for resettlement was the construction of flyover at Kurla and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. She told that all the procedure for resettlement actual happened within the one month including the baseline survey. The Notice to vacate the place also received in the same period of time. No choice was given for them to choose the resettlement of their wish or option know to them.

According to her, Schools were there when she came to Lallubhai Compound, but medical facilities were not there. It has been 5/ 6 years now that the medical institution is starting. She was not in the involved and participated in the process.When asked about the people in her neighborhood and their participation and involvement in the resettlement process was encouraged.

Her experience in new resettlement site was hostile. She said that “we were not happy with the site. Earlier people used to carry swords and chopper, we were so scared to come out and during that time Police Station was not there”. The struggle started from the basic needs on daily basis. There were no shops, no market to buy vegetables. Kerosene in initial days she used to all the stuff from Kurla. Vanita  describe her experience in one sentence she said that“Pahile rhaycho tech br hot, ikde kajryat madhe takun dhilya sarkh vaty” english translation “I feel like we garbage that are dumped here, our slums were much better than this” there is no open spaces, very small houses and large family size create even more problem in this kind of sits.

Note: Name of respondent is changed.


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